Reshape Your Life to Make Big Money in Your Business.

In this Masterclass we will walk through four(4) Modules that will revolutionize the way you do everything in your business!

Reshape Your Life Masterclass

Modules in this Online Masterclass include MP3s and Worksheets

They include but are not limited to:

Reshape Your Life Masterclass

What is Your Offer

How to find, develop and articulate with confidence your offer.

Creating an offer is an afterthought of defining your customer needs. Identifying your customer needs entails finding your ideal client.

Often, people don’t know what they want until you hand it to them, and that is why an assessment of your ideal customer must be followed by effective communication so that they can know that you are their solution. 

Reshape Your Life Masterclass

Speak to Inspire and Sell

Developing your speaker platform

To inspire and sell your offering, you need to be bold and be the powerful speaker that people want to listen to. 

I will guide you on how you can develop your speaker channel through which you can attract thousands to millions of prospective clients – even if you have always been an introvert. 

In this automation era, one of the most effective tools in your arsenal of persuasion is your speaking authority.  

Whether your platform is on a stage, teleconference, recorded or live broadcast, you must project yourself as a guru in your field and be influential to start making big money. 

It is until you revamp and elevate yourself to celebrity status – where you’re standing and everyone else is sitting, watching you speak, that can convince your prospective followers into investing not in your business, but in themselves.

Reshape Your Life Masterclass

Finding Your Ideal Client

How to develop the language to draw your Ideal Client and help them find you

No matter the business niche you find yourself in; there is an ideal client for you. But first, you must know who you are and what you stand for.

 You have to explain your business in simple terms. Sentences “I work with people who are tired of being under the radar.

You must know your competitor.What do they offer? Can I offer a lower price per unit? What are their marketing channels? Who are their customers? 

Being able to articulate how you are different from the sea of people doing what you do is a game-changer.

Reshape Your Life Masterclass

Event Secrets

How to host successful and profitable events

Hosting a business event is vital to your efforts as it avails you the opportunity to drive your products and services to the front of your audience’s mind. 

The event could be a get-together, a day-long seminar, or conference, but whatever it is, the big question is how are you going to host it? How do you host and event and make a profit while doing it?

To come out on top you master the details. A successful event has its genius underpinnings in clarifying your goals, planning, and knowing the secrets to hosting a profitable event. 

Beverley Vaughn is the Queen of making things easy to understand. She is a true "Wake Up Artist"

- Anita Hodge

What’s included with this Masterclass?

Reshape Your Life Masterclass

Downloads and worksheets to help guide you

Reshape Your Life Masterclass

One consultation follow-up call up to 30 minutes

Reshape Your Life Masterclass

Templates to help you get started fast, the best possible way


Step by Step guidance and clarifications with Beverley as you take this journey via email. Your success will be the main character.

Reshape Your Life Masterclass

Reshape Your Life to Make Big Money! This is for you, so you can stop being the best kept secret in your industry to live your dreams and your purpose!