Hello I am Beverley Vaughn. I utilize the title of "Wake Up Artist" in my business— I help individuals transform into personal brands that own their purpose and elevate their lifestyles. My proven approach provides an intuitive understanding of you and your brand’s personality to help grow emotional connections with your ideal clients and monetize your mission.

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Brand Strategy & Marketing

Developing your personal brand for whatever you do. Leverage progression to get your brand out to masses and build your community of followers. 

Turn your fears into freedom by progressively developing your personal brand. All you need is a clear, well-conceived roadmap, strategy, mechanisms, and pathway that’ll get you more visibility and sales. 

You’ll develop a powerhouse mindset as you are guided to design an elegant, corporate brand, guaranteed to get clients rushing in. Brick-by-brick, you can finally claim the liberty that you deserve and live the lifestyle that you so desire. Allow love instead of fear to take control of your inner being. This program serves as a springboard to attract the right clients and get you paid for your online brilliance. 

Beverley Vaughn renders her wealth of experience in marketing and brand building to help you masterfully combine personal empowerment, the power of leverage, and luxury brand creation techniques to create income and impact as a businessperson. 

Write your own story, create perpetual success and live like a king or queen; in absolute control. You have to create something unique in order to stand out. 

My tested and trusted brand and marketing program will walk you through the creation of a solid plan to enable you become the go-to expert in your business. 

You are an unbreakable formula, that one-of-a-kind brand that the universe has never seen. You will be bestowed with business wisdom and confidence to deepen your message to your clients and make it more believable, authentic, converting, and revenue generating.  

Crafting Your Offer 

Crafting what you’re offering. Language to draw your niche. How to communicate your offer. Develop your signature language. 

Now that you have built a standout strategy based on your market need, it’s time for you to think of how to engage your customers, keeping them on the edge of their seats every time, in a unique way, different from all the communication clutter that your prospects see every day in the media. 

Answering this question, satisfactorily is the holy grail of online marketing. 

With Beverley Vaughn, you will learn how to focus on only on solutions because that’s what all businesses are about. Offer a product or service that screams “I am the solution” or “I will change your life.” Make your offering something that makes your prospective clients scream, “This is what I have been looking for” or “where have you been all my life?” 

Next, you’ll be guided on how to “aim” or “hit” the target market. Aim for the right demographic and your business is on its way to market efficiency. Find out what your target market is, what they do, where they go. 

Communicate your offering and clearly state the benefits that you are making available to the world. Create a value proposition and a promise of the solution to be delivered. This value proposition must be transmitted across all your platforms. 

If your product or service is not relevant, clients would rather sit back and keep their money. You will be trained to use to right language. 

The tonality of your proposal must answer all the questions that come to the mind of the customer as they read your correspondence. 

You will be exposed to a secret formula for creating compelling headlines, bullet points and images that will reinforce and substantiate your core message. 

Finding Your Ideal Client 

Building your ideal client avatar. Understanding their traits. Clarify what you want and do not want in a client. Who are they from your perspective and who are they from their perspective.

 Your ideal client is a typical customer sketch that summarizes all the characteristics of your clientele base. You need to be able to identify and describe every characteristic of your target customers.  

Beverley Vaughn leads you as you start with the smallest market clime, which thinks what you’re dealing, is unique. 

This narrow group constitutes very slim populations for that specific problem description that you are determined to solve. 

Once you have created ravenous fans out of this cluster, you’ll then aim to expand your reach and gain momentum by becoming a big player in a smaller, emerging market. 

Your highly targeted marketing messages are based on one thing only: positioning you as the only choice and not just another choice. 

I will help you define your ideal client persona by analyzing attributes like:

  • Career or business type of the client
  •  Client education and experience level 
  • Values 
  • Dreams and aspirations
  •  Goals 
  • Belief systems 
  • Disappointments 
  • Personality traits 
  • Successes and satisfaction levels 
  • Culture and family, and lots more. 

Part of finding the ideal client persona also involves knowing who you don’t want to collaborate with. 

So, make a list of your least favorite clients. Create a less-than-ideal client persona to complement the ideal persona model. 

Developing your Unique Branded System (UBS) 

Discover the process of how you work with people. Build the steps to your program. Label and Brand each step. Packaging and presentation. 

Brand building is a process, an ongoing effort that involves establishing long-term relationships with your customers. 

Each step requires branding and labeling to create a unique image in the marketplace. 

A UBS helps you to clearly define and articulate your offering to your ideal clients. It also involves you becoming more effective in the way you describe your business in order for them to understand it. 

A very strong UBS will make clients of the most skeptical prospects. Your brand system will have a fixed number of steps.  

  • Discover your process This covers the procedures through which you can get results with your clients. It also involves separating your personality. Record and study the parts and processes that appeal to your clients and repeat them over and over. 
  • Add new ideas Work out additional results-oriented steps that you can add to what works for your clients.
  •  Create labels Come up with words, acronyms, and action phrases. Write a compelling call to action.  
  • Design a logo 

This symbolizes your business and commands recognition. Whenever people see a logo, they are reminded of the business and how it has transformed lives.

Quick Start Training, Marketing & Monetizing 

My proven Getting Started Selling secrets to immediately monetize. Goal setting and systems to scale immediately. 

Beverley Vaughn will teach you secrets that you have heard before but have no clue how to apply them.

 I’ll get you started brand development, teaching you the common pitfalls entrepreneurs make when building a brand. 

First, you need to set goals. Put a timeline on all the things you want to achieve especially your long-term plans. With poorly stated goals and a weak sense of dedication, your dreams of becoming a boss can go up in smoke before long.  

Business is all about capital and we’ll discuss your finances and budget; how much your business will cost and overhead expenses. 

We’ll cover everything from living expenses to mortgage, healthcare, and food. With this marketing budget, you can be certain to survive the initial, turbulent part of your business – the first year. 

We’ll talk about the most practical marketing tools for your business. Nowadays, reaching out to millions of people requires considerable investment in SEO, email marketing, and social media marketing. 

Major social media platforms have monetization tools that’ll guarantee sales. So long as you have done the homework of crafting creative content to your target audience, your confidence in the marketplace will be rewarded by perpetual profits. 

The world is no place for pushovers. And if you’re an inherently timid person, I advise you to break that habit before it gobbles you up. 

I will teach you how to get out of your comfort zone and start talking to large crowds about your value proposition. Don’t expect anyone to do your runarounds involved with your marketing. 

From rigorous networking with prospective clients to negotiating supplier agreements, you must be an excellent speaker to win the crowd over. If you’re going to sell products and services online, then creating video content is the best option. 

And in this program, I’ll teach you all you need to know to be the face of your company with highly compelling videos. I will also provide you with practical scaling systems as you start registering profits and are in need of extra hands to accomplish teeming tasks. 

A rule of thumb is to focus on the 20% of the business which produces 80% of the results. 

We will discuss this in more detail during the program. Hiring only the best hands is also a scaling technique that you must adopt. To aim for larger contracts, the quality of staff on your payroll is going to be one of your most important success determinants. 

Simply put, if you don’t have assistants in your business network that are ready to produce or perform at the barest minimum, you will hemorrhage your profits. You will also need legal protection in order to scale up because as you grow into new markets, a lot of issues arise.

 There will certainly be jurisdictional and social discrepancies that will affect the way that your business is perceived and interacted with in different circumstances.  

Getting Your Mind FREE 

My step-by-step process for getting delivered from public opinion to stop living the expectations of others and live free to be authentically YOU. 

Decluttering your mind has positive effects on your inner strength, drive, and balance because it allows you to get the job done. 

Talking to your friend is one of the ways people validate their thoughts. 

Confer with Beverley Vaughn for that extra confidence you need to tackle any situation. I am always around the corner to proffer lasting solutions, clear your doubts, and remind you that things aren’t always as bad as they might seem. 

In your private space, read a good book. Learn how successful businesspersons overcame their obstacles and persevered. Writing is also a habit you’ll need to practice. 

When you journalize, you defuse problems. Keep your journal with you at all times to reinforce your sense of purpose and direction when things get rough. 

This technique actually works wonders and you’d be surprised by how effortlessly you’ll respond to any issue that’s thrown your way. A healthy body supports and is not unconnected with a sound mind.

 I’ll guide you through the best exercises to help you sweat your stress out. Shut out any access to the internet for a while, turn on the music and get your blood circulating. 

Oxygenate your brain with aerobic physical activity so that you can make sharper and impactful decisions for your business. I’ll also be showing you how to practice true meditation to dissociate from everything that’s happening in your environment or current situation and focus only on breathing. 

Meditation detoxifies you and reduces the occurrence of stress in the future and helps you see the big picture as you put the pedal to the medal in your entrepreneur career. 

 YOUR B.I.G. Purpose Life Strategy

Finding, understanding, and owing your (Built in God) B.I.G purpose and strategy to UNLEASH your power around it. 

Experiencing fulfillment in life is a sign that you’re living out God’s purpose. 

Fulfillment involves doing purposeful and rewarding things instead of activities that drain life’s essence out of you. 

Doing a task that aligns with your passions and skills, or being in a healthy relationship that involves receiving and giving, and engaging in hobbies that are revitalizing instead of overwhelming. 

This is not to say that there won’t be downtimes to your uplifted living, but if it’s entirely gray, there is a need for a change because that’s not what God wants. 

Ecclesiastes 8:15 says “And I recommend happiness, because that’s nothing more to do under the sun than to eat, drink and be merry, for this will go with him in his efforts all the day of the life that God has given him under the sun.” you’re not walking in line with God’s purpose if you’re always feeling stagnated.

People who are stuck desire to move in a specific direction but have no idea how to get there. They are embroiled in an endless loop of aimlessness. 

Beverley Vaughn’s faith-driven direction will help you to regain your sense of purpose and unravel what God has in store for your life.

Not all who wander are lost. Even the Israelites, who wandered the wilderness for 40 years had reached their goal – the Promised Land. 

You will discover your goal in life by starting with the obvious, and that is committing to God in prayer for wisdom and direction. 

“If any of you fails to be wise, let him ask God who bestows generously to all and it will be given to him.” James 1:5. 

Ask God for purpose and he’ll give it to you. 

Beverley Vaughn will also guide you through the steps as you dig into God’s word, delineate your gifts and strengths, determine your passions admit the right people into your life, and ultimately trust God. 

Follow the steps devotedly and you’ll be running an economically viable enterprise that values people over money and create a platform where people can live up to their God-given potential. 

The 1099 Shift Program 

My comprehensive planning and insight help for building wealth more clearly and effectively. 


This is the foundation of everything you want your business to become. It is the boon of your creation, your brainchild, your inspiration, your model for economic aggrandizement. 

An idea is the mental seed of your business startup, that eureka moment when you are convicted that you have a problem to solve and make a difference in the world. 

It is like a baby and you don’t know what will become of it until it has been tested in the marketplace. 

Growing your idea requires time, commitment, skills, and capital. 


This implies how effective your communication efforts are. 

As a brand, you must become a master of storytelling and write compelling narratives as well as develop compelling content. Lack of business clarity causes a lot of breakdowns that result in mistakes, misleading information, disgruntled customers, and frustrated associates. 

All these inefficiencies affect the profit margins of your business. This is why you must take extra care to put out the best letters, memos, videos, email, advertising materials, logos, brochures, social media ads. All these will be discussed in great detail during the program.  


Not all businesses get it right from inception. There will be weakness and flaws in your original blueprint, but a business strategy refines and fine-tunes your ideas and keeps everything intact. 

A strategy examines the future risks and helps create ways to overcome setbacks. A well-defined business strategy offers guidelines on the internal setup of your business model. 

It helps you to understand the opportunities and trends of the market environment. 

It is your core vision and competitive advantage that essentially helps you to understand your business and where it is going. 


Direction is an integrated operation that involves creativity, motivation, leadership, and communication. 

It stabilizes the business and ensures that its full capabilities are utilized. 

Direction means that all the managerial capabilities for your brand are well-aligned and are in full swing. It also makes it adjustable when you are faced with the need for change. 

No matter what happens, your model remains an unshakable force of nature. 



First, I listen.

I’ll commence with a heart-to-heart conversation to get familiar with you and understand your needs in very clear, simple terms in your language. You take center stage here, and we’ll outline your special abilities and determine the path you’d like to follow.  

Then, you learn.

In unison, we’ll talk about you. We’ll take about the best way to depict your characteristics in my language. Then I’ll apply the power of visualization and words to provide direction on how to get the best results for YOU.  

Lastly, we lead.

The information I have gathered about you sets the tone for a rush of practical ideas. During the Strategy Session, we’ll build upon them to establish a closely-knit, graphic-rich result that paves the way to resounding success in your goals.


I’m Beverley Vaughn.

Beverley Vaughn, is a renowned dynamic Speaker, Author, Televangelist, Coach, Celebrity Radio Personality, and Christian Evangelist with an instinct for leading and empowering people into success in business. She has created numerous household brands with her invigorating and powerful sessions. Beverley is progressively becoming a big-name instructor and counselor of coaches, speakers, and service-based business owners; nurturing them with tools to take their lives to the next level, influence multitudes and amass millions.

Beverley Vaughn disrupts the status quo by bringing unique, strategic insights to coaching, speaking, transformation, and information marketing. Having served as a Corporate Global Sales Manager for 33 and in the International Christian Ministry for 20 years, she combines her rigorously experiential business strategies and fiery linguistic prowess to help ordinary people hone their latent skills to achieve extraordinary things. 

Not only is Beverley revered by her penchant for simplifying concepts and ideas, but she also stands as one of the foremost coaching consultants in the industry, with clients willing to part with up to 5 figures. She is a highly sought-after conference speaker and celebrity gospel radio personality on account of her electrifying persona and proclivity to captivate and connect with audiences of various nationalities, socioeconomic designation, race, and age. 

She is a gifted strategic seminar leader and master of sales from the stage, spawning such seminars as The 1099 Shift, Purpose 101, Impact Influence Purpose Teleseminar (with an International audience), and Awakei Day Sessions. These seminars are a clamored for by people from all over the country who are in need of transformation in their lives and business. It is indeed a rarity to find such mesmerizing talent in Speaking for Business, Nondenominational Christian Ministration, and Internet Marketing as Beverley Vaughn. 

She is a connoisseur of spreading your offering to people via the internet and has made it her forte so that she can be the #1 voice in transformational business messages. With Strategize Your Life Session, she remains faithfully on a path of helping the masses to fulfill their potentials in business. Her ministry seeks to record unequivocal impacts to all and sundry. With an unflinching, steadfast love for people, she inspires people to make giants strides and alleviate world issues like hunger, disease, pestilence, impoverishment, addictions, education, and more by becoming successful leaders.  

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