High Ticket Selling Strategy Session

Beverley Vaughn "Wake Up Atist

Hello Fellow Entrepreneurs 

Do you have a great offer or an outstanding service, but are unsure how to breakthrough to real business growth? 

As you may already know, filling coaching, mentoring or any kind of service slots week after week at $100 or even $200 per client levels off. You cannot possibly scale your income this way. Trust me. 

If you’re successful, you simply run out of enough hours in the day to take on new clients and grow your business.  

What you need is a strategy to scale in a big way. A way to go not just from $50,000 to $55,000 a year but from 50K to 150K, or even more. 

 This is the opportunity that far too many coaches, experts, consultants and service professionals miss. High-ticket selling. 

Most don’t have a high-ticket offer at all.  

This is how you make a quantum leap in your business and a much bigger difference in the world. My most requested Strategy Session is in high-ticket selling. 

I walk you through what does and doesn’t work when it comes to high-ticket selling and I share the process I’ve used to develop long term high-ticket services that have grown my business year after year coaching people one-on-one. 


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