Strategize Your Life Clarity, Idea, Direction Strategy Session

Creative people like you are brilliant and have a gift to share with the world. Sometimes you just need a conversation to get clear on your vision and direction to go the distance. Systems and Plan Strategy are what's important to get the results you want. There are things you do really well, but also things you do better that need to be pulled out of you. A Strategy Session could also be called a DISCOVERY SESSION. ​Sometimes all you need is a Strategy Partner. My Transformational "Strategize Your Life Session" has brought clarity and direction to hundreds just like you!

I had a Strategy Session with Beverley Vaughn of Awakei Initiatives this morning, and it was amazing!!! I can not tell you how creative this woman is! God literally used her to answer my prayer and just reinvented the vision for my ministries and business. My whole entire perception has changed!  

- "Jennifer Whiten"

I just finished my Strategy Session with Beverley Vaughn and I'm so overwhelmed. I came in with an expectation of what I thought a strategy session would be and instead she unlocked so many areas in me that I did not even know were there. Im just so glad I decided to invest in me.

 - "Tanya Gordon"

I had my strategy session with Beverley Vaughn and it was exhilarating, it was also a little painful. The things she pulled out of me were just phenomenal. I really didn't even know I had so much inside of me. The depths she drew from me was like throwing a bucket into a well and just continually pulling up water. 

- "Lydia P. Ford"

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