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Clarity, Ideas, Direction Strategy Session

Unravel lasting happiness, fulfillment as you create the life you have always dreamed with Beverley Vaughn’s Strategize Your Life Session. 

It’s time for you to break the chains of mediocrity and rise up to your kingdom. Your empire is beckoning, begging to be nurtured and brought out into the light. Cultivate a new energy form to take on a vast world of possibilities. 

Multitudes have their hands raised, waiting for you to bestow upon them, your life-changing gifts. Releasing these potentials requires a conversation to give you a clear vision and direction to reach your destination. A conversation designed to support you on your mission to thrive and create all that you want in life. It’s time for you to be equipped to overcome every obstacle that stands in your way as you gradually catch a glimpse into the life that you’re trying to build. 

Successful people are not smarter than you. In fact, they aren’t trying to be rich as you have been programmed to think. They simply have an uncanny passion to live a life of freedom. They absorb only the things that make them stronger, more focused, and passionate and apply them to their daily challenges and obstacles because they are in tune with the principles of strategy. 

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Strategize Your Life

The Challenge

Strategy is the first thing you need to make headway as you repurpose your life. You need someone on the exterior to do a stocktaking of the processes that occur within you. Strategy resets your life by helping you determine and decide what you want out of it. This third-party mentorial perspective will be your guiding light as you strive to become more articulated, confident, goal-oriented, and unstoppable. Strategy is the plan that amplifies your curiosity about what is possible and what there is about fulfilled living. Entertain in your mind, the various channels through which you can express your passion; channels to new ways of understanding and systems thinking. 





What You Stand to Gain

Your investment will set you up for a session with the highly experienced and knowledgeable Beverley Vaughn. She will propel you into becoming more aware of your talents and abilities. The Strategize Your Life Session comprises: 

  • Insight, Help, Ideas, and Brainstorming
  • Plan of action
  • Up to 90mins call
  • Call Recording
  • Up to 30mins follow-up call 
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Motivating You to Be the Person You Want to Be

Stories of Success

 “I have little doubt in my mind that Beverley Vaughn’s Strategy Session has upturned my life. Prior to my meeting her, I seldom functioned in my life. She has set me on the right path, and my business is now in top-gear. She has been a wonderful motivator. Beverley works with God and has had a greater positive effect on the quality of my life than anything or anyone else.”

 “I just want to say thank you for rescuing me, Beverley. Your Strategy Session has been the game-changer for me. It has enabled me to bounce back from the setbacks, emptiness, and disappointments that I have been facing. I really wish I could meet you in person. My investments are paying off.”

 “It was not until I subscribed for and received Beverley Vaughn’s Strategy Session that I realized that I had been living in career limbo all these years. She has saved me for years of further anguish, languishing in financial bondage, insecurity, and uncertainty.”

 “I had always considered myself to be a smart, capable, and independent person. I was satisfied with my accomplishments and led a decent life; not wanting to leave my comfort zone. All that changed when I learned about Beverley’s Strategy session. I thought it was just another rip-off, but there was something in the offering that made me want to venture into the unknown. Looking back now, this has been the best decision I have made this year, and I want to bless Beverley for her mastery of the Strategy subject matter and for a new lease of life that’s laden with business success.” 

Bev Vaughn


I had a Strategy Session with Beverley Vaughn of Awakei Initiatives this morning, and it was amazing!!! I can not tell you how creative this woman is! God literally used her to answer my prayer and just reinvented the vision for my ministries and business. My whole entire perception has changed! - Jennifer Whiten

I just finished my Strategy Session with Beverley Vaughn and I'm so overwhelmed. I came in with an expectation of what I thought a strategy session would be and instead she unlocked so many areas in me that I did not even know were there. Im just so glad I decided to invest in me.

- Tanya Gordon

I had my strategy session with Beverley Vaughn and it was exhilarating, it was also a little painful. The things she pulled out of me were just phenomenal. I really didn't even know I had so much inside of me. The depths she drew from me was like throwing a bucket into a well and just continually pulling up water. - Lydia P. Ford

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